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 They say that a girl usually marries someone like their daddys when they grow up. I think that may be true in Brea's case.

She was only 5 when her father was sentanced to life in prison for killing her mother. She went to live with her grandmother who raised her until she married Glen. She had a rough life, imagine living with the fact that her father took her own mother's life, I remeber her telling me more than once that she didn't know how to feel about her father, on one had she loved her father and had several good memories of him, but on the other he took her mother away from her. Brea never visited her father in prison, She said that if she ever came face to face with him she wouldn't know what to do.

Brea was only 18 when she went to Cattlesburgh,Ky to marry Glen he 10 yrs her senior. We all knew Glen and he was also no stranger to the Huntington police dept either. he had along history of criminal acts. from DUI to Breaking and entering, but nothing violent.. He had already been married once before and had 2 children I guess Brea married him maybe in hopes to changing him, he was an alcholic and there were rumors that he also did drugs. But Brea was going to change al that, or so she thought.

Right from the beginning it seemed as if there were problems, It started out with  verbal abuse, Glen would get drunk and tell Brea she wasn't worth anything that she would never mount to anything. then it went to the first shove then the first slap and then finally the first bruises. It seemed almost that he beat her daily. She would go to work (Glen wouldn't get a job) She worked 2 jobs just to pay the rent, and still because of his drinking often never had enough to pay the bills. Glen never let up on her. He would belittle her in front of people sometimes even going as far as smacking her in front of others.

It was almost 8 months into their marriage when she finally decided to leave him, Glen was on House arrest for something not sure exactly what that was all about, But could not leave his home without permission from his hp officer. Brea moved back in with her grand mother, and for a few months things were going smoothly,  Brea had met someonelse from work and she was radiant, she was smiling again and for the first time in 8 months she was happy again, she had started devorce procedures and had just get her court date for her devorce .(we think this is what set Glen off)

The phone calls started coming in I mean this guy was calling every single minute of the day, first he would talk nice to her and when he seen that wasn't going to work he began to threaten her. everyone begged her to get a domestic violence pettion agaisnt him but she didn't think she needed one because he was on house arrest and could not leave the home. but on January14,2001 after his last phone call to Brea he then called up his HA officer and told him that he needed time away from the house to cut wood to keep warm (the only heat source he had) Glen was given permission to leave his home. But he didn't go cut wood, He jumped on his ATV and headed straight to Brea's grandmother's house.  The next chain of events were told by her grandmother, but noone knows what exactly was said in her bedroom when they talked.

Brea's grandmother  said that at first when Brea saw Glen that she didn't seem afraid. Glen knocked on the door and ask to speak to Brea. And Brea agreed the two of them went into her bedroom a few minutes after that Glen came running from the room to go outside with Brea running behind him shouting to shut and lock the door. but Her grandmother wasn't fast enough, Glen came back thru the front door pushing her grandmother aside with his arm and a deer riffle in the other. Brea turned to run out the back door but Glen got to the hallway and fired a shot hitting her in the back, She was still trying to gt to the back door when he fired again this time also hitting her in the back knocking her to the floor. He then walked over to her and pointed the gun to the back of her head, and fired one last shot. 

The Coroner said that if he hadn't of fired that last shot she may have survived, but he did. and now she is gone. Her grandmother saw it all. (( she died 2 months later, some say that she gave up because she couldn't live with what she saw the day her grand daughter was murdered) After it was all over Glen just turned and walked back thru the house and out the front door jumped back on his ATV and dissappeared into the woods leading the police on a 6 hour man hunt for Brea's killer.

Glen was finally arrested for her murder and pleaded guilty . He was sentenced to life with Mercy in the Huntsville prison in Huntsville,Wv

Why Life with Mercy you ask?

I don't really understand this either, they say it has something to do with the 3 strikes your out law that was passed awhile back ,Basically what it means is that people who are convicted of  three felonies may end up facing life in prison.Which to me says that he wasn't actually sentanced because he murdered Brea but because he had been previously served time for other felonies. And because it is life With mercy he will also be eligiable for parole in th enear future. I don't think he deserves to even be considered for parole, And u can bet your butt I will be there when he does come up for parole.   I don't think the whole case was handled very well from the beginning. There were so many other things that went on during their hunt for Glen, and also  there is the fact of how his family reacted at the funeral home the night of her veiwing and her burial. But this is another story, 

I am really not a person that belives in the death penalty at least that was what I thought before. But now that it has happened to someone I care about I have to say I wish Wv did have the death penalty. Not that he may have gotten it thou. Glen currently sets in The huntsville prison for murdering his wife, the same prison where Brea's father lives for murdering her mother. I wonder sometimes if maybe the two have ever met yet, oh I am sure they have had to, But i also wonder that if it ever occured to her father that he could have ben the one that started the chain of events resulting in his own daughter's murder, by murdering her mother......was he telling Brea that this was the way life was suppose to be?  That this was what love was all about. Love hurts right but not this kind of hurt.

Maybe if Brea hadn't seen so much violence in  the first 5 yrs of her life...Maybe she would have never married Glen. Maybe.. I don't know. All i do know is that a beautiful 19 yr old girl was so savagely taken from us in the prime of her life. She will never be able to feel the joy of motherhood,or having grandkids, growing old with her soul mate. 

 Brea will never be able to experience any of those happy things we all take for granted in life.

My mind still keeps wondering back to the day when I last saw Brea and her words echo in my mind always, "Glen told me that he would kill me if I ever left him." And I guess  Glen made good on the one promise he ever made to her.

I never really realized how hard it would be to make this page, But as I wipe the tears away from my cheek, I know That Brea is truely happy now, She is in a place where Glen nor anyonelse can ever harm here again. Brea You are loved and sadly missed by all.


If you know of someone who is currently in a similiar situation, Try to help them, Do what ever you can.....Give them money, a place to stay anything but get them out of there, Don't just assume that she can get out on her own. And never think that this couldn't happen to you, because it can.

Please show your support for Brea, and leave a comment in her guestbook to let us know you came by. 




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