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This Is story about a very special person. Her name was Brea Cremens Fergerson. This is a story about a sad issue in all our lives today. Somewhere out there there isn't anyone who can honsestly say that their lives haven't been affected in some way by domestic violence, Maybe you knew someone, maybe it was a family member or a friend of a friend. domestic violence happens everyday. It is a problem that happens everywhere. Every time you turn on the television or radio you hear about it happening all over the world. 

I couldn't help my Friend Brea while she was here on this earth, But If her story can help just one person then Brea's death was not in vain. Brea is no longer here to tell her story, so I will be her voice. This is her story.


I can't help but rember the last time I spoke to my friend Brea. It was the beginning of the summer of 2000. She had just come from what was suppose to have been a fun family outing, which as usual ended up with Glen getting bombed out of his skull and taking everything that went bad in his life out on her. I remeber looking up at her with her swollen cheeck  and slightly black and blue eye. She was crying and had come around to get away from him.  She had scrapped knees where he had slung her around outside in the gravel, We had just gone inside to get her cleaned up when  a truck pulled up  and Glen got out demending to know where she was. Since Brea didn't drive to my house, luckily her car was not parked outside, You could see the terror in her eyes. I told her not to worry and went outside to handle the situation myself. I told Glen she wasn't here and I didn't know where she was and if  I did I sure as hell wouldn't tell him. There were a words said between the  two of us and when I told him if he didn't leave I was going to call the authorities, he reluctently left. I went back inside to help Brea pull herself togather. I tried to get her to file a domestic violence petetion on him, but she was to afraid, She was also to afraid to leave him. I remember her telling me  that if she left him that she knew Glen would make good on his threat to kill her.

I sometimes wonder if I could have said more to my friend, maybe tried to help her more, Then maybe she may be here today with us. But after going thru the same situation as she had I realized that Domestic violence isn't just something you can walk away from, And it really burns my ass when I hear people saying that a woman that stays with her abuser must like being abused. I really wish it was that simple. You see you never know what another goes thru until you walk a mile in their shoes. Your Abuser tries every way  they can to bring you down, they allinate you from all your friends and even your family, Alot of the time a victim may hide their bruises and lie about them if someone was to see them. ( i know I did)

But If I knew that that day was going to be the last day I would have seen my friend, then I would have tried harder,